Construct a Custom She Shed With These Tips!

Why a she-shed? Well, it’s the female version of the man cave. Though the name sounds different, the main distinction is a custom she shed is designed for use by women. It, therefore, must look the part, with all the decorations and inviting warmth worthy of a female retreat. Here are some tips to help you create your dream she-shed.

1. Consider a Pole Barn Design

You may wonder, ‘How can a pole barn be in the same sentence as a she-shed?’. For one, it’s relatively simple to construct. The poles are fixed to the ground, secured at the top, and a roof is built over them.

Pole barns are commonly built on farms. However, they can be built to any size, hence why they’re great for a custom she shed. You can design your shed as high or as low as possible. Consult with a professional shed builder about the post types you can use.

They should ideally help you buy pre-treated solid-sawn timbers that last long. The good thing about a pole barn design is it’s relatively cheap to construct. You can even DIY with some expert assistance from a shed building contractor. Your she-shed can be your gathering center for your girlfriends whenever you want to meet and hang out together.

2. Address Electrical Wiring Needs

When wiring your shed, hire a qualified and licensed electrical contractor. They’re best placed to understand which wiring system the industry approves. Materials like liquid-tight conduit are best for underground and outside installations.

The electrician should check with the local area codes about requirements for buried electrical lines. The technician will take measurements of the distance between your house and your shed and buy the appropriate amount of conduit. This will be connected to the switch box to supply the electricity to your custom she shed.

When wiring the shed, it’s against the electrical codes to have a sheathed cable inside a conduit. Your contractor will instead pull three unsheathed wires using fish tape. The metal conduit is covered by resistant plastic.

The electrician will install a junction box inside your shed. It should not be put outside, as it’s supposed to be in a safe location that can be locked up. You can switch the electricity off when you are away from home without fear of interruption.

3. Entertain Yourself

You want your shed to be the perfect escape from life’s noise. It is where you can listen to your favorite music without getting drowned in house chaos. How about stocking some comic books?

They’re your perfect dose of art put into writing. Comics have funny and captivating storylines and are usually narrated in episodes. Start searching for Chip n’ Dale, Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and Duck, among other similar books.

Comic book collecting has been around for a long time. Fans want to dive deeper into their favorite stories and how their best stars weaved around a tricky situation. Among the most well-known comics is from the Marvel Comics company.

They’re among the top-selling companies and control a considerable size of the world comic book market. Some of their books are X-Men, Avengers, and Spider-Man. Another major player in the comic book industry is DC Comics. Their popular characters are Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

Most of the DC Comics are gritty and dark and would suit your time away in your custom she shed. Buying comic books can be an expensive hobby, so set a budget to purchase them over time. For other relaxation options, set up a yoga studio.

Your shed is a perfect hideout to meditate and practice relaxation techniques. You don’t need a physical instructor when you have time to yourself. Instead, you can consult YouTube and other online programs.

4. Pay Attention to Your Flooring Choice

Have you thought about getting a concrete floor? This is a durable option for your custom she shed. It’s an excellent choice when thinking of storing heavy items.

With a concrete floor, maintenance needs are quite low. You don’t need to worry about water damage, bugs, or rotting furniture. However, you should know a concrete floor is not friendly to the feet; it can get cold. For a solution to this challenge, invest in a warm feel mat or carpet you can also sit on.

You’ll spend a significant amount to install a concrete floor, so plan in advance. If you’re buying a pre-built wooden shed, you won’t need to visit a floor store for extra options. It only needs a base or foundation to avoid being placed directly on the ground.

Leaving it on the ground can lead to rotting and dampness. There’s also the fact that the frame will be under much stress when it’s set on a ground that is not level. The result will undermine the structural integrity of your custom she shed.

5. Consider a Bathroom

To fix a bathroom in your custom she shed, you may need clearance with your local planning department. If they say you need a permit to build a shed with a toilet as a detached living unit, you can proceed to install a bathroom. Always follow the codes and requirements of the relevant authorities.

You must fix running water, drainage, and ventilation for a half bathroom. Hire an expert plumber to handle this job, as it will need their technical expertise, tools, and equipment. They’ll handle all permits, building regulations, and drainage requirements.

A plumber is also the best versed to know which pipes to attach and which to branch off. They’ll point you to the best underground water pipes. Through their years of experience, they can differentiate between waste and drainage soil pipes and how to connect them to the sewer point.

The plumber will recommend whether trenches are needed and how they will be dug. It can be a costly addition to your shed. Calculate the costs of framing the toilet and sink wall partition and the fixtures you’ll need to buy.

If the cost is high, consider not having it and using the one in the main house. Or, you may opt to dig a waterless composting toilet. It doesn’t need water or require any connection to the sewer system.

6. Choose the Right BlindsĀ 

When buying window shades for your custom she shed, first note that your building will not be heated throughout winter. This could mean your windows and shades will experience a fair amount of condensation. Use blinds made of water-resistant materials that will not be affected by the effects of condensation.

Visit some of the local blinds companies and see whether the stocks in their shops can meet your specifications. The shed can get dirty and muddy faster than your main house. To protect your blinds from the dirt and soil, get blinds made of a fabric that’s easy to wipe clean.

This will allow you to clean off the dirt or mud with a damp cloth. Think about the privacy you want in your shed. Will you be using it as a home office?

In such a case, you’ll need privacy and a quiet environment for working. The blinds for such a shed should be thick and opaque. They’ll give you the necessary privacy and hide your expensive tools from thieves. If your shed is just for living spaces, you’re okay with thinner, more translucent shades. They allow in the bright light and warm rays, making the room more welcoming to its users.

7. Choose Your Windows

When your custom she shed has windows, it becomes easier to ventilate it. You may put windows on only one side or both sides. Have the windows installed properly in place with overhangs and simple roof ventilators.

The shed stays cool with windows even with high outdoor temperatures. If you spend long hours in the shed, the windows enable you to work for long hours without getting too hot or tired. The idea is these fixtures will help regulate temperatures inside your shed.

You can leave the windows open during the day so that cool air comes in. You can then roll them down at night to keep your stuff safe. This is a convenient and cost-effective way of keeping the temperatures in check inside the shed.

Windows will make it easier for your shed to look more presentable, cleaner, and more functional. Work with a window contractor who will help you choose from the many designs available for sheds. You may opt for operable windows, fixed windows, square aperture windows, or curved and round-shaped window types.

Windows with a round or a square shape let in more natural lighting. Natural light is beneficial when spending a lot of time in the shed. Fixed windows are best for privacy and when you want to install curtains for a decorative effect.

8. Don’t Forget to Work on the Surrounding Landscape

Your custom she shed should live up to its billing as a sanctuary and a getaway. The right landscaping will make your home a paradise where you’ll enjoy spending time. Balance your space, the amount of money you want to put in for the landscaping project, and the style you want your shed to take.

When picking the location of your shed, look at how Mother Nature has landscaped the place. You can locate your shed in front of a treeline or by the stream to give it a natural appeal. Place flower boxes and other plants outside your shed to emphasize the natural surroundings.

What about having a welcoming fire pit area to welcome your guests? It would be best if you also worked with a landscape lighting expert to help put lights both inside the shed and outdoors. When lighting is done right, it will invite people to spend more hours outside, even at night.

A fire pit made in a kiva-style or raised fire bowl piece is a great option for a fireplace. Consider child safety when making your fireplace. Choose a location that you can fireproof to keep children and older adults safe.

9. Bring in Some Furniture

Your custom she shed could do with some old sofas that you’ve stacked in the garage. But you certainly want something unique and fresh. This is where your visit to the local furniture store comes in.

Before you go window shopping, do your research first. Find out the costs of different types of furniture and whether you need them. You will need things like tables and comfortable seats.

Compare the furniture prices in the store and how they fit into your budget. Choose a reasonable price range to ensure you don’t overshoot your budget. Also, you don’t need to buy everything at once. Pick one item at a time.

Know the measurements of your shed so that you buy the right size of furniture for it. You don’t want to pick furniture that does not fit in your shed. You also want to ensure that you have measured your doorway so that you pick a furniture item that will go through it.

Also consider using other old furniture if you have some stored in your garage. This will cut the costs of having to buy new stuff. Work with a textile expert to refurbish the furniture’s outer clothing with new, attractive, and comfortable covers.

10. Consider Your Storage NeedsĀ 

To keep your shed spacious and clutter-free, incorporate unique storage options on walls and your floor. Visit the local cabinet company and discuss the storage solutions that your custom she shed can use. Ask them about storage cabinets and boxes and flexible shelves and cupboards.

They will advise you on what suits your needs at the cost you have planned. By all means, do not crowd the space, as the shed is meant to refresh you. Always keep tools, equipment, and other work materials safely away.

The peaceful and quiet space a she-shed brings you is worth the construction expenses. You want a spot you can hide and take a break from the daily hassles of life. Your creativity will come alive in your shed, thanks to the tranquility. This creative space will also give you an atmosphere where you can unleash your inner potential for writing, painting, or any other hobby you like.

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