4 Important Times to Send Floral Arrangements

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Floral arrangements have been an important part of many peoples lives for thousands of year. In fact, there have even been depictions presenting floral arrangements that date back to 2500 BC. Considering that, it’s no wonder that sending floral arrangements continues to be a thoughtful and classy gift for many occasions. It’s understandable to ask yourself when should I send a floral arrangement? With that in mind, here are four important occasions in which it’s common for people to send flowers.

  1. Valentine’s Day is a Popular Time for Flowers

    Statistics gathered from the American Society of Florists found that Valentine’s Day is the busiest day for florists around the nation. With that in mind, you’ll find that remembering to order a flower delivery for that special someone makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift. Considering how busy this holiday is for florists, it’s wise to order Valentine’s Day floral arrangement as early as possible.
  2. You Don’t Want to Forget About an Anniversary

    An anniversary is a unique date that couples get to celebrate together. Considering that, many couples choose to present each other with special gifts during this special day. If you’ve wondered when should I send a floral arrangement, it’s definitely important to send one of these items during an anniversary. It’s understandable that you might not be exactly sure what kind of flowers your wife or husband will want to receive. Considering that, it’s wise to contact a florist in order to have them help you find the perfect floral arrangement. If you’re especially stumped on what type of flowers to choose, you might consider mentioning any colors that your spouse prefers to a florist.
  3. Send Your Mother Flowers on Her Special Day

    It’s important to let your mother show how important she is, especially on Mother’s Day. Considering that, you’ll find that flowers are especially popular gifts for mothers around the world to receive on this holiday. A recent survey conducted by the National Retail Foundation found that 66% of those planning to celebrate Mother’s Day plan on buying flowers for their respective moms. In addition, statistics gathered from 2016 found that overall spending for floral arrangements on this day totaled $2.4 billion.
  4. Many Send Floral Arrangements for a Funeral

    When thinking about a funeral, it’s understandable to ask yourself when should I send a floral arrangement? In many cases, these events are incredibly sensitive matters. With that in mind, it’s not always best to send overly extravagant floral arrangements in these situations. You’ll find it wise to contact a florist in order to obtain the right kind of floral arrangement for a funeral. These professionals will likely regularly take of requests for funeral floral arrangements.

In closing, there are several important occasions in which people will commonly send floral arrangements. Many who are looking for love or have already found someone of their own will send out flowers on Valentine’s Day. Many couples that have been together during Valentine’s Day will celebrate anniversaries together. Considering that, it’s incredibly important to send floral arrangements on the special day that celebrates when you and the one you love became a couple. You don’t want to forget about sending flowers to your mom when Mother’s Day arrives. While it can be an especially tough time, many people send out floral arrangements to honor someone they’ve known who has recently passed away.

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