5 Popular Types of Amish Chicken Coops

Many homeowners wish to spruce up their yards. While planting and gardening are popular options, certain individuals want to have animals. If you’re looking for a way to bring the farm life to your home, consider owning chickens. That being said, you’ll need a place to properly house these animals. With that in mind, you’ll need to find a chicken coop. Considering that, here are five popular Amish chicken coop styles.

  • A Frame Coops

    If you’re looking for a tradition coop with plenty of space, consider the A Frame. This style is often preferred by many who regularly purchase chicken coops. The frame of this coop gives it a simple yet timeless appearance. You’ll find that many purchasing A Frames prefer 4×6 chicken coops. This size makes it easier for those with space and cost concerns. There are even 12×24 sized coops for those with plenty of animals to house.
  • Dutch Style

    The Dutch style coop is another popular option. The roof of this coop is known as a hip roof. The roof’s curved appearance makes it look like a small barn instead of a tiny house. While there aren’t 4×6 chicken coops available in the Dutch style, you still have plenty of options. For instance, the 4×4 or 6×6 Dutch coops are perfect for beginning coop owners.
  • Quaker Style

    If you’re something a little more unique, consider the Quaker style coop. This coop features an overhanging roof that provides additional space for your animals. In addition, Quaker style coops provide adequate lighting and ventilation.
  • Tractor Coops

    It’s understandable to be confused when hearing about this coop. Unlike what you’re probably imagining, tractor coops are basically coops with wheels. Therefore, tractor coops work well for those who need to move these items easily. For instance, many tractor coops move this structure in order to give their animals new areas to live in.
  • Combination Coops

    In certain situations, someone might be wanting custom chicken coops. Many who are unable to find the right wooden chicken coops for sale choose combination structures. You’ll find that these structures combine multiple features of coops. There are combination coops available featuring A Frame and Dutch style roofs. It’s understandable to want a combination coop great for smaller spaces. Fortunately, you’ll find that there are several combination 4×6 chicken coops to choose from.

To summarize, there are many types of chicken coops to choose from. If you’re thinking about owning a new chicken coop, it’s definitely wise to purchase one made by the Amish. In most cases, it will only 12 to 16 weeks to receive Amish made furniture while ordering online. You’ll find that every piece of Amish furniture is entirely crafted by hand. Since gaining attention in the 1920s, Amish furnishings have become synonymous with beauty and quality.

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