Comfy Bean Bag Chairs Get a Makeover

Bean bag chairs are a perennial favorite. Almost everyone has a memory of one from their childhood days. It was the most comfortable seat in the house, whether your were watching tv, doing your homework, or even taking a nap. Everyone’s favorite chair has now got a makeover, and bean bag gaming chairs are some of the most comfortable chairs of the 21st century. Of course, for nostalgic parents who want cute bean bag chairs for their kids’ rooms, the are still plenty of styles, sizes, and designs for all tastes and ages.

Everybody’s favorite chair
There’s something about bean bag chairs and kids – they just seem to go together. Whether it’s the comfort or the flexibility, it was where you wanted to sit to watch tv, read comics, or even to take a nap. The bright colors and fun coverings, like corduroy and pea leather, added to the fun factor. For parents, bean bag chairs are practical and convenient. They’re easy to clean and the covers can be replaced if they’re torn.
Bean chairs have long been a staple of college dorm rooms as well, for much the same reasons. They’re lightweight and portable, they’re easy to maintain and clean, and they brighten up the decor in just about any room. Cute bean bag chairs with animal or superhero motifs give you a sense of stability and comfort even when the world around you in changing rapidly. Everyone’s favorite chair is now also one of the most comfortable chairs for gaming.

Comfy bean bag chairs get a makeover
In their latest reincarnation, comfy bean bag chairs have become some of the most comfortable chairs for gamers. That’s because they can exactly meet the needs for a gaming chair, being low to the ground even as they provide support to the back and elbows. Gaming bean chairs aren’t just for kids, either. The average age for all gamers in the U.S. is 35 years. And most have been playing for at least 13 years.
At any age, gamers need comfortable seating that supports the right posture. The seating also needs to be comfortable for long stretches of time, since gamers spend an average of six and a half hours playing each week. With about 10% of the adult population describing themselves as gamers, that’s a lot of people needing comfortable seating.

When it comes to cute bean bag chairs, as with so much else, it seems that everything old is new again. Most people are happy to find a new purpose and use for their favorite childhood chairs.

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