5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

If you’ve been considering upgrading your roof before winter hits, you’ll need to ask some questions first. Before you hire a roofer, consider these important questions.

First, it is important to ask the roofer about where their business is located.

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A roofer with a commercial office will seem more legitimate than someone who is operating out of their basement. You should ask them to provide a license number. If a roofer can’t provide a license number, they won’t be able to pull a permit for your roofing job.

Be sure to ask your roofer if they have worker’s compensation insurance. A good roofer should certainly have their own worker’s comp insurance. Accidents happen, and you want to make sure that you won’t be responsible if someone is injured during your roofing project. Ask your roofer about payment plans. Determine if they require money upfront. A legitimate roofer should be able to cover all of their expenses without requiring you to pay anything upfront. A roofer that requires upfront payments might be legitimate, but you’re better off hiring someone else instead.

Finally, you should ask about your deductible. It is illegal for a roofer to help pay your deductible in the state of Colorado. If a roofer says that they can pay it, it’s a good indication that they aren’t trustworthy and probably shouldn’t be hired.

Ask these questions and you’ll be sure to hire a great roofer! .

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