5 Symptoms that Someone is Addicted to Drugs

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If you have a loved that has a problem with substance or alcohol addiction, this can take a toll on the family as much as it is on them. A lot of people who have an addiction whether it be a cocaine addiction, oxycodone addiction or something else, aren’t able to recognize the issue. This is because they are in the situation and have false ideas about what they are and aren’t able to do. Most addicts truly believe that they aren’t addicted and will be able to stop taking whatever the drug is whenever they want to. It’s only when they are taken out of their situation and see how they are ruining their own lives that they are willing to receive help. Once they are able to see that there is an issue they may be more open to ibogaine detox programs, rehab or other methods. Here are a few things that could be going on that show that your loved one is addiction.

Isolation from loved ones
It’s quite common for a drug addict to withdraw from their family and friends and isolate themselves. This is usually because they are trying to hide their drug problem from those that love them. They may also seem increasingly paranoid, depressed or anxious all because of their drug addiction. They may then replace their previous good relationships with unhealthy relationships with new friends that have similar habits. This new group of people will probably encourage the unhealthy habits and be a bad influence on your loved one.

Unable to keep a job
This is one of the main tell tale signs of a drug addict. They never want to take responsibility for anything so they will probably be unable to keep a job but it will always be someone else’s fault. The reasons for being fired could be anything from from not showing up to work, stealing or coming in to work high on the drug. If this is happening in conjunction with some of the other symptoms, you might try calling your loved one’s previous jobs and finding out the real reason for the firing to see if it matches up. If the employer does not want to disclose the reason for the firing, be honest and let him know that there is a chance that your loved one has an addiction and you are trying to find out before things get worse.

Constant financial issues
Drug addicts spend most of their money on the drugs. If you find out that your loved has drained their bank accounts and are spending a lot of money at one time on something, there is a good chance that it is on drugs. You can almost guarantee that if your loved one is not paying their bills and claims to be broke, not only are they buying drugs but they are probably in debt to drug dealers as well. If this is the case, there are going to be issues to deal with even after your loved one is clean.

Loss of good judgement
When someone is addicted to drugs, they will do anything to get more drugs without realizing it. This means they will be partake in risky behaviors that are potentially illegal like stealing, exchanging sexual activities, selling drugs or other crimes. It will likely include a lot of lying, even to family members and loved ones. Drugs become the priority and without ibogaine detox or something to help them get through the initial stages, getting off the drug is almost impossible.

Neglect of responsibilities
Often times, once someone gets fully into the addiction, it becomes the priority. This means that personal, work and familial obligations will all get put on the back burner. If you notice your loved one calling in to work a lot, not showing up to family gatherings or neglecting themselves as far as personal hygiene, etc goes, this might be a sign that drugs are involved.

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