Give the Gift of Flowers

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Were you aware that as early as 2500 BC, there have been historical depictions of flower bouquets and arrangements? This likely shows that flowers have been valued as decor, as well as gifts, for thousands of years.

In current times, flowers are purchased as gifts for a variety of occasions:

    Anniversary flowers
    Birthday flowers
    Get well flowers
    Graduation flowers
    Mother’s Day flowers
    Valentine’s Day flowers
    Wedding flowers

Many people send flowers to others to show appreciation and to let them know they are loved and valued. Others send flowers to themselves as well. Whether these flowers are purchased as gifts for others or for oneself, their beauty and fragrance can uplift a person’s mood and surroundings.

What are the best selling flowers? When you visit your local florist to have a flower delivery, they will be able to tell you about their best selling flowers. They will also want to know if you want these flowers for a specific occasion. Flower shops are aware of the traditional types of flowers for each holiday season and special occasions.

The best selling flowers are usually for special occasions throughout the year. The American Society of Florists, for example, says that Valentine’s day is the number-one, flower-selling holiday.

While roses are one of the first flowers that come to mind for Valentine’s Day, there are, of course, other types of bouquets chosen. Were you aware that women will often send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day? A recent survey showed that 15% of women in America treat themselves to flower bouquets.

The American Society of Florists shared that men are also gifted with flowers by their spouses on Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, many men enjoy receiving them and appreciate the gesture.

Mother’s Day is another popular flower-giving occasion. Many people also purchase plants to give the mothers in their lives on this special day.

Another popular gift-giving season is Hanukkah and Christmas. This is considered to be the number-one season to purchase different types of flowers and plants to give as gifts.

Every day is the perfect time to purchase flowers to give as gifts or to gift oneself. When purchasing flowers, it’s interesting to note that 63% are purchased to give to oneself and 37% are purchased to give as gifts.

When you visit your local florist or contact them for a flower delivery, you will be able to choose from so many gorgeous bouquets.

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