6 Myths About Preschool and the True Facts

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You may son find yourself wondering what the best course is for your little one and asking yourself why send your child to a day school. This is a common question many parents tend to ask when their children are at that age. Whether you choose to send you child to a private or public school, a preschool program is beneficial. While these programs are beneficial there are a few rumors or myths surrounding them. Read some popular myths and facts below to help you better understand preschool programs.

Baby Sitters

Many people believe that those who work at a preschool or prep school are nothing more than babysitters, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. There is no quick course that you can get in order to be licensed to enrich the lives of the younger generation. You must go through extensive training and be dedicated and have the heart to put the time into these young people.


Many people often wonder, “why send your child to a day school” and wonder what benefits they hold. Many may think that the benefits are not it and it is not effective. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Research has actually proven otherwise. It has shown that many day schools and preschools can help counteract the stresses that children feel in their curriculum based environment. Children enrolled in these programs have an undeniable boost and come to school more advanced when compared to their peers who didn’t attend such a program.


Most people think that what they pay does nothing but line the pocketbooks of teachers and providers. While this may sound true, it is not the truth and in reality many teachers are not paid what they are worth. Other things that your payment goes towards is furniture, food, resources, learning activities, safety supplies and so many other things. Think about that before just assuming your paying nothing but a preschool teachers salary.


Many people think that it is hard to get accepted into a preschool or it’s hard for their child to get accepted. Many preschools have openings, and it is not hard to get your child enrolled. If one preschool doesn’t have any openings then a few phone calls could easily find other schools in the area which do have openings for your little one.

School Preschools

Lost of parents tend to think that the best programs are those that are found within an actual school. This can’t be further from the truth, and there are many stand alone daycare facilities which are just as good as any other preschool facility for your child. When considering your options and asking yourself why send your child to a day school don’t narrow down your choices based on where the program is located. Stand alone programs can be just as great as normal preschool programs.


Those considering day schools and preschools for their kiddos could very well think that preschool is nothing more than just playing with toys. Preschool programs also tend to focus on educational information in the form of rhymes and riddles and things that make it simple for children to understand. This leads to more excitement about learning to help children stay engaged longer.

When deciding and questioning why send your child to a day school consider full or part time programs. Over half of all preschoolers enrolled attended full-day programs compared to half day programs. Either way your little one will get much needed information to prepare them for school. You will feel confident in their abilities and they will feel confident knowing a little about what is going to go on.

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