Walkability, Energy-Efficiency And Aesthetic What Are The Most Important Features In A New Home?

There’s something just lovely about getting to call a home your own.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to having a residence, luxury homes have a particular appeal that can be easily felt by many. New construction townhomes these days are contending with a rapid cultural shift that sees both older couples and younger families seeking out options that will last them for years. What should you even start looking for when buying a new home, though? Should you prioritize the neighborhood first and foremost or should you keep your eyes closely on the price?

This is an important decision, one that will last you quite some time, so try a little research first before jumping in.

Owning a home hasn’t fallen out of favor. While there is certainly a lot of talk about the benefits of owning and the benefits of renting, having a place to truly call your own has never quite fallen out of style. Today the top three reasons Millennials start browsing for a new home include getting married (or moving in with a partner for the first time), becoming exhausted with their current living conditions or planning on increasing their family’s size.

One such feature that might appeal to you is energy efficiency. Utility bills are notoriously high for many people, particularly when they live in more extreme climates, and can make or break a deal on a home. Today nearly 50% of buyers who are interested in brand new homes will cite ‘energy efficiency’ as their most desired feature. This can mean solar panel roofs, advanced air conditioning systems or artfully arranged shrubbery near the windows. These simple choices now can save you 10% to 15% on your utility bill every month.

Another common feature people search for in their new construction townhomes is a lovely neighborhood. When you have children to raise and their safety to worry about, a neighborhood with good walkabilty, nearby resources and calm streets is a major plus. A recent survey provided by Urban Land Institute found over 50% of respondents stating walkability to either be a top or high priority in where they would choose to live. Even if you’re not ready to have a child, this can be a good point to mull over in the meantime.

If you’ve been thinking long and hard about your decision, you’re already on the right track. Recent studies have found buyers will spend an average of four months shopping for a new home. Some take even longer depending on their budget or personal goals. A Realtor.com Active Home Shopper Report saw almost 25% of current buyers preferring townhouses, with 55% preferring single-family home and the rest seeking out condominiums. A luxury townhouse today doesn’t look quite like the one 50 years ago, so taking your time is very wise, indeed.

First-time buyers are also more common than ever. In fact, back in 2016 it was estimated nearly 35% of homeowners were first-time buyers. Of prospective buyers looking to purchase a luxury townhouse in 2017? Over 50%. This means you won’t have to search very long and hard for a real estate agent that can walk you through the process of having a place to truly call your own. When a home can offer you the privacy, comfort and flexibility you’ve always wanted, no dream is too big for the next generation of American homeowners.

There are more than enough houses for sale for people of all walks of life. Which new construction townhomes will you lay clam to this year?

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