Are You Ready to Redesign Your Home with a Nautical Theme?

Pirate decor

In a way, you have been preparing for this Eclipse Event your entire lifetime.
When you and your wife met at Officer’s Camp you both knew the military would be a life time career. When your two children were born you started expanding the dream. You were already fluent in Japanese, your wife was fluent in German, your son would learn Spanish, your son would learn French. By the time they graduated from college, but you and your wife would be retired and the real adventure would begin.
With a sailboat as your home and a family of foreign language interpreters you would travel the world.
As wild as those dreams were, the reality was even better. Both of your children earned spots in military academies and the money you saved for college degrees helped you both retire early. Living full time on the sailboat was a little difficult to pull of, but the sailboat trips were growing in length and in distance.
The upcoming August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse was all the dog these days, but for you and your family you have been preparing forever. Although there are plenty of land location along the Totality Line where you could go for this solar event, you are plotting your plan to watch this event from the water.
Viewing in any location is completely dependent upon clear skies, but it has been fun to work out the details for the day. The nautical telescope that serves as a decoration in your home may have served as the motivation for the upcoming August plans, but you have also done some significant research into what are the real kinds of tools that will provide safe viewing options. For the photo opportunities you plan to bring the nautical telescope on the boat with you, but it will be carefully stowed away for most of the trip.
During the research for the event you have learned that one of the most important parts of any viewing plan is to make sure that you have a plan for mobility. Even in the most sunny locations, no viewer wants to be caught under a cloud during the mere two minutes of totality. Although many of the resource guides indicate that the best plan is to have a location with a good and uncrowded highway system so that you can move if needed, your family has decided to make the ocean their highway.
Nautical Items Can Help You Bring Your Favorite Outdoor Activity Into Your Home
We all have places that we love outside of our homes. The secret is to bring those favorite activities and places outside of your home into home. From an interesting collection of nautical telescopes, nautical barometers, and other nautical decorations, for instance, you can remember all of those great days on the ocean even when you are back at home and on dry land. The nautical telescope will remind you of all of the planning for the day chasing the total eclipse; the wall mounted bell will help you remember the way the cook of the day announces that the meal of the day when you are on the sailboat; the porthole clock reminds you of the way time is measured so differently when you are at sea.
Whether you want to redecorate your home in a nautical theme or another popular motif, the key is to get started. Unfortunately, 47% of Americans haven’t updated their home decor in the last five years. In fact, although many home owners make a lot of decorating decisions when they first move into a space, few take the time to make updates in the following years.
Feeling comfortable and motivated in your home, however, is important, and making the decision to use items from a vacation or a favorite activity can make you feel both comfort and motivation. Knowing that over 123 million people in the year 201 lived in coastal shoreline counties makes it no surprise that nautical themes are a favorite choice of many people planning to redecorate. In fact, these 39% of the nation’s 2010 population likely drive the purchases of all things nautical, which is a part of the $65.2 billion a year home decor market.

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