Using Nautical Themed Items to Decorate Your Home

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Are you the type of person who loves being on the water? Whether it is in a chartered yacht, a kayak, a canoe, or a sailboat, there is something special about a nautical adventure. For many Americans, however, those types of adventures only come a few times a year, and the rest of the time is spent at home. The good news is that there is a way to bring nautical items into your home so that in your mind, perhaps, you can still be sailing on the sea. Below are just a few of the favorite pieces of nautical theme decor that you could use in your home:

1. Vintage Life Preservers – We have all seen these vintage life preservers with their distinct white and red colors, but have you considered hanging on in your home? Some life preserver decor can be customized with your family’s last name on it, a special date, or even the name of your boat to add something extra special. Life preservers can be hung in a nautical themed basement, a living room, a library, or any other room in your home that

2. Antique Diving Helmets – This piece of nautical themed home decor is a showstopper for sure. Antique diving helmets are beautifully crafted and a great addition to any nautically themed room. Think of what your next houseguests will say when you show them to their room for the night and it is adorned with nautical ropes, photographs, and above all an antique diving helmet. Create a true “wow” moment by showing off antique diving helmets in your home!

3. Nautical Telescope – The other commonly used piece of nautical decor is the telescope. One of the reasons that homeowners love this piece is that many times it can actually be used in addition to adding a decorative flare. You can find nautical telescopes made of wood, adorned with gold accents, eye-level, small, and large which makes this option great for a room of any size.

Nautical items are just a small piece of the $65+ billion dollar home decor industry, but they play an important role. Rather than just decorating your home with the standard industry favorites like furniture, mirrors, rugs, etc., if you are a person who loves to sail then why not add your passions into your decor. Don’t be one of the 14 percent of Americans who said their home decor makes them feel gloomy; your home is bound to feel more cozy if the things that you love are inside of it.

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