Are You Sending Your Children to Private School?

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It is difficult to over emphasis the importance of a quality education. And while there are pockets of great public school systems throughout the country, some parents feel that the only way they can guarantee the education their children get will be at the highest level. For instance, while a midwestern state like Nebraska has a strong public school system, other large cities across the nation are struggling to provide the same level of excellence. Not surprising, top private schools are a real draw in some parts of the country.
Whether a parent decides to home school, send their child to a private school, or to enroll their children in the strong public schools found in some parts of the country, the responsibility for education needs to be a combined effort. In fact, it is a given that students who find the most success in school are those who also have the support of their parents or other significant adults in their life. What choices have you made that will help your children find the educational success that they need in today’s competitive and technological world?

  • In statistics provided by a 2007 Fraser Institute study, 91% of parents indicated that the dedication of the teachers was their main reason for choosing private school.
  • The decision to send your child to a private school should not absolve you from being involved in their education. Involved patents can help their children by providing uninterrupted study time, plenty of reading materials, and limits to the amount of time spent on technology.

  • The fact is that in some large cities, the local kindergarten classroom is not always the best learning environment. It is important that parents visit schools and see the classrooms their children would attend.
  • Approximately 5.3 million prekindergarten through 12th grade students are educated in the 30,861 private schools in the U.s.
  • Keeping your children in the top private schools from preschool through high school graduation may help your children realize their highest potentials
  • Every parent has a different interpretation of the benefits of private school education, but some people make the decision because they went to top private schools themselves.
  • Statistics show that 86% of private schools have fewer than 300 students, meaning that students are able to get more one on one attention.

  • As more and more is expected from students in our technology driven society, it is becoming more and more important that children get an early start. For instance, between the years 2011 and 2013, 4,428,000 children ages three and four attended preschool.

  • Very few large cities do not have some private school offerings. In fact, private schools have nearly 1.5 times as much of their enrollment in large cities compared to public schools.
  • In statistics from the year 2011, of the 305,842 private high school graduates that year, as many as 64% attended four year colleges by the fall of 2011.
  • Learning styles vary from person to person. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you understand what style works best for your child and find a classroom that will match that style.
  • Looking for top private schools is the goals of many career oriented parents.
  • According to National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) data, 88% of private high school students apply to college. This percentage compares to the 57% of public high school students who apply to college.
  • Giving a child the best chance at success is the goal of many parents. And while there are many things that you can do at home to help children succeed, you can never ignore the purpose of education. Learning how to learn is the first goal of many students who are graduating from high school and moving on to college.
  • Every private school offers something unique to its students, but nearly 96% of all private schools in the 2011 and 2012 school year were coeducational, while only 2% enrolled all girls and 2% enrolled all boys.

No matter where you send your children to school, it is important to make sure that you help your children find the necessary support systems. IT TAKES A VILLAGE to make sure that children succeed in the quest for the best overall education. Research more like this.

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