Close Community, Individual Attention And Higher Standards The Benefits Of Private School Education

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What are the benefits of private school education? This is asked by more and more parents in the United States than ever before as awareness increases about the effect school environments have on students’ psychology and future potential. Although public schools have plenty to offer and are still a viable option for many families, the benefits of private school education are only becoming more pronounced by the year. They’re noticeably safer, have superior one-on-one attention and can increase your child’s chance of succeeding later in life.

School has a profound effect on your child’s life. From the time they’re a toddler they’re already being immersed in the emotional, mental and physical influence that a school will give them for years to come. Children that start off on the right foot will have that inspiration tenfold in their later years. Studies have shown kids who attend preschool will do 20% better on math and reading tests in kindergarten than their peers who did not.

Over four million children attended preschool between the years 2011 and 2013. Three separate studies were reviewed together to see the effect on preschool programs and the results were, predictably, unsurprising. Over 80% of children who were active in preschool activities, such as reading and playing, outperformed their peers in high-quality early care and educational programs on a consistent basis. Consider preschools the foundation and kindergarten, elementary and junior high the gradual building of a strong house.

The decision between a public and private school is slowly but surely a decision between average quality and high-quality education. Private schools are smaller than their public counterparts, meaning your child will have more individual attention than if they had gone to the mainstream alternative — over 80% are comparatively small and have less than 300 students. There are over 30,000 private schools operating in the country and they serve nearly six million students from preschool to high school. Overall, they operate as 25% of the nation’s schools.

Some students choose the benefits of private school for their supreme safety and sense of community. A Fraser Institute study conducted back in 2007 saw an overwhelming majority of parents (at 91%) saying the dedication of the teachers was their number one reason of choosing their given private school. Additionally, parents of 80% of students enrolled in religious private schools reported being ‘very satisfied’ with the results of their child’s education.

If your child has a learning disorder or mental illness, one-on-one attention and a smaller community can do wonders for their learning capabilities. Private schools have nearly one and a half times as much of their enrollment in large cities as public schools. Dyslexia, ADHD and social anxiety can make it very difficult for a student to complete their work and develop a strong sense of self, so offering your child a more applicable resource in their weekly life will do wonders for encouraging a stable and happy adult.

The benefits of private school education are being felt more and more. They set high academic standards, cultivate a close-knit community and allow every student to shine as they are rather than going for a ‘more is more’ mentality. Consider the advantages of private school when your child graduates to the next level and see how it can change their life for the better.

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