Baby Bedding 101

When you are expecting a new baby, nothing can quell the excitement you are feeling about adding a new, tiny member to the family. Babies are little miracles, and getting your baby’s nursery all set up can be one of the most enjoyable experiences as an expecting parent. Whatever theme you choose for your newborn, their nursery is sure to be filled with adorable toys, matching artwork, and of course their crib. Whether you opt for baby boy bedding, baby girl bedding, or something in between, you need to be aware of the importance of a baby’s bedding material. In this video, we will explore the fundamentals of picking bedding for your new baby.

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First of all, you need a firm, flat mattress for your baby’s crib. It should be waterproof and have no raised edges or sides. All blankets and sheets should be tucked in firmly to avoid coming loose, and all soft toys should be removed from the crib before you put your baby down for the night. All your baby needs for a safe night’s sleep is a simple sheet, so make sure the material you choose is soft and washable.


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