Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn is your first impression to videos. It is something that you do not want to ignore. Lawns can quickly get out of hand with tall grass and weeds.

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In this video, you will learn some lawn care tips to ensure that you have the best yard on the block.

When choosing grass seed, organic is normally better. This is because it is more resistant to funguses and disease. Organic seed creates a healthy foundation. However, synthetics seed also has its place. If you are just getting started, consider synthetics to get your grass in thicker. You could mix it with organics. Even so, you will want to switch to organics over time.

The next tip is to mow properly. It is important to cut your grass consistently and frequently. This prevents healthy grass growth. Plus, a mowed lawn makes your yard look great! Lastly, spreading grass seed will promote a healthy yard. You want to spread organic seed in the spring and fall of every year. This ensures that new grass seed has a chance to replace any empty spots or dying spots. With these tips, you will be a lawn care master in no time!


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