Canes Can Be Just as Fashionable as Practical

When you’re young, the idea of using a cane for walking is not something many consider. You live most of your life being able to move freely without any hesitation until you start to realize it’s not as easy as it used to be. Before you know it your kids, maybe even a doctor recommend you use a cane to improve mobility. At that point, it seems like you’re going to have to drag this ugly, big, annoying thing everywhere to get around. What you may not know is that using a cane can be much more than that.

First, you must consider the practical use that canes have. Every year, over two million seniors visit the emergency room for injuries related to a fall. The easiest way to prevent fall-related injuries is the use of mobility assistance devices. And the older you get, the more likely these injuries are to occur which is why a little under 40% of Americans 85 or older use mobility devices. So it’s proven the best way to keep yourself safe is with the help of a cane or a similar device.

Once you’ve come to terms with the idea of using a cane for walking, it’s now time to consider the fun stuff. Canes may seem like a practical tool but not much else, which is false. The market for canes is so massive that distributors came to realize that just like jewelry or shoes, people want to be stylish with their accessories. Designer walking canes have become a major niche product that is something you should consider when looking for a cane.

As dreary as the idea of needing help walking sounds, there’s always room to make it your own. There are 4.8 million Americans that use canes today, making them the most widely used mobility device in the country. If you don’t think there’s a cane out there that you would consider stylish, then it’s about time that you went on the search for one. If you’re reading this, you could just as easily search for cool walking canes online and find your perfect match.

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