Clothing Donations and Red Cross Pickup

Used clothing donations

We are currently living in a world of excess. In a world where surplus and excess are almost praised, and the high society of celebrities encourages new and stunningly different fashion choices every week, we are not doing the earth or environment any favors. While it might, at first glance, seem to be an overwhelming task to address the excess that becomes waste, it is not impossible for even one person to make a difference by igniting change. It is an uphill battle, yes. But not an impossible one.

Start small, see significant change
When you look at the big picture and see the damage that our species has done to the planet, and the damage that is continuing to be done, it can certainly feel quite hopeless. But there are a number of ways to make a difference, and you might even be able to witness a certain level of impact that you have in your community.

Start out by locating a nearby clothing donation center. Do a little research, and find out what organizations are affiliated with the donation center, how the donations are used and distributed, and whether the organization is active in helping those in need as well as committed to protecting the environment. Then, get busy in your own home. Go through every closet, drawer, and long forgotten box in the whole house. Be honest with yourself about what you actively use and what will probably never be worn again. Your used clothing donations not only help to clothe someone in need, but you are keeping textile waste out of landfills. These are two major contributions you can make, and all by cleaning your home. Another personal plus is that you get rid of things that are currently just causing clutter.

Donate clothing to start major change
Perhaps you started out strong with your donation project, cleaning out every nook and cranny of your home to get rid of every last thing you no longer need. But now that you finally have everything boxed up, you are completely out of steam. The task of driving to the donation center feels like just a little too much for you right now. Instead of risking that pile of boxes sticking around for days or weeks until you remember or feel like getting to them, you could find an organization that offers clothing donation pickup. With services like the Red Cross pickup, you do not have to worry about anything once you have finished the cleaning out process of your house.

Options like the Red Cross pickup make the idea of clothing donation a lot more accessible to a lot more people. Remember, this is after all, the land of ease and convenience. Making a decision to do the right thing does not mean that it needs to be excruciatingly difficult. Services like the Red Cross pickup encourage everyone to participate, no excuses.

The habits of an excessive culture
There is nothing wrong with having a passion for fashion. There is nothing wrong with appreciating new trends and treating yourself to a fabulous new outfit. But there needs to be more accountability, awareness, and responsibility on the part of everyone who happens to call this globe home. And often, those who have the most resources available to them are the ones who have the most waking up to do.

People across the country consume almost 20 billion garments each and every year, which works out to be about 68 articles of clothing and seven pairs of shoes for every single person. That is the equivalent of everyone buying more than a single garment every week. Do all those garments get used to their full potential? Hardly. The EPA has estimated that in the U.S., an average of 10 pounds of clothing per person is thrown away every year. Luckily, mindsets are beginning to change. Over 14.3 million tons of textiles that were donated by Americans help to clothe people in need around the world.

Whether it is a Red Cross pickup service or something more complex that you have started within your community, know that you are making a difference. The world can change. We, the species responsible for the current state of the planet, can make things right.

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