Common Electric Outlet Installation Issues and How to Fix Them

Electric problems are common. If you don’t know how to fix them yourself, you might have to hire an electrician to come out and do the work for you. This takes extra time and money. This is why people often attempt to fix simple repairs on their own.

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However, they also often end up making mistakes. In this video, you will learn about common electric outlet installation mistakes.

One of the most common issues is hooking the wires to the wrong screws. The white wires should attach to the silver screws and the black wire should attach to the gold or brass screws on the other side. Otherwise, the polarity of the outlet may be reversed. You can always check by purchasing a device to plug into the outlet that measures polarity.

Sometimes, people don’t even connect the wires correctly. You should make a small hook of exposed wiring at the end of each wire. Use this to hook around the screws. However, be careful to not make the hook to large or small as they can lead to issues. Further, make sure that the hook is facing outwards for the best results.


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