How Did This Shingle Roof Withstand a Hurricane?

Hurricanes wreak havoc on trees, houses, and anything else that stands in their way. The extreme wind and heavy rain do a number on roofs. Normally, this results in the roof being ripped off shingle by shingle until it is in complete shambles. However, the best roofing companies have some tricks up their sleeves for protecting your roof from extreme wind and rain. In this video, you will see how they do this.

Video Source

The video starts with a roofer up on a roof. He explains that a hurricane is on its way and he is doing some last minute preparations on a roof. The plan is to use an acrylic polymer spray to cover the entire roof. This acrylic polymer will get in all the cracks between the shingles and harden much like a super glue. It should hold the roof in place despite the extreme conditions. In testing, this substance has been proven to protect roofs in winds up to 130 miles per hour. Sure enough, the acrylic polymer coating does its magic and roof is completely in tact after the hurricane with not a single shingle missing.


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