Don’t Trash Those Unwanted Items Donating Makes More Sense

Red cross pickup

Donating items is something that may not cross your mind until you find yourself going through your children’s closets clearing out clothes that no longer fit them. Once the job is done, the question of what to do with it remains. Donation centers are always the best option for this. There are many donation centers that accept all sorts of unwanted household items to help those less fortunate, and American Red Cross clothing donations are no different. Roughly 14 million tons of donated items helps families around the world, so if your ever find yourself wondering if you donations really make a difference, they do. American Red Cross clothing donations go to help families within the community with clothing, blankets, food, blood and shelter, and since they help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year every single donation really does help. Aside from helping others in need, there are a few more things that make donating beneficial for you and the community.


Certain seasons may end up needing more donation of clothing than others. Different months may also signal the need for other items rather than just clothes. When donating to clothing donation centers consider what season it currently is since that is most likely what type of clothes facilities will need. When you donate clothes choose to donate clothing that is seasonal during the months of that season, since they will be needed immediately. Donating clothing during certain seasons helps when activities such as spring cleaning rolls around. After performing a major clean, you may find yourself wondering what to do with all of the unwanted items that now need to be removed from the home. Donating helps relieve that worry, and helps clear your home of the unwanted items.

Tax Deductions

Many people choose clothing donations over throwing out clothes, but forget to claim the tax deduction. No matter which organization you donate to, you can get a tax deduction for your taxes for that year. The tax deduction is equal to the value of items that you decide to donate. When considering used clothing donations, don’t forget to get a receipt for your donation. Even if you don’t think that you will use the deduction, it is better to have the receipt and be prepared rather than decide to use the deduction and not have the seat.

Instill Values in Children

When you involve your children in donating used clothes and items to others in need you are helping to teach them that there are other ways to dispose of unwanted and unused items besides simply tossing them into the garbage. Children learn to help others in need no matter what means they have. This may mean donating clothing or blankets after a natural disaster or a fire, or simply donating unwanted items instead of throwing them out. Either way, you are helping instill a sense of helping, a sense of community and a sense of involvement when you involve them with regular donation activities.

Don’t toss your unwanted items, donate them instead. American Red Cross clothing donations, food donations, monetary donations, unwanted household items donations, all go to a good cause. Saving the environment and helping those less fortunate can be accomplished with one choice, donating. If you find that you don’t have time to drop items off see if a donation center in your community offers a pick up service. Many times these can be scheduled during the day and they can still offer a receipt of items donated. No matter which method you choose, make the choice to donate instead of throw away.

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