Find Your Family Tree Online

As a hobby, genealogy has continued to grow in popularity with the advent of online tools that can help you find your family tree. If you like researching your roots, an online family tree finder will help you find your ancestors for free. Free ancestry records are available to you when you use family tree websites, and on these sites you can find death records free, too, as well as other historical documents. For example, I did a Find Your Family Tree project as part of an assignment for an anthropology class, and I was able to locate the digitally scanned World War I draft card of my paternal great grandfather. As well, I came across the nineteenth century immigration records of my maternal great great grandmother who came to this country from Russia in the early 1900s

When you find your family tree on an ancestry website, you may learn that you have relatives you did not even know about. This actually happened to me. While doing research, I discovered that a former coworker and I were actually distant cousins. You might even discover when looking for your family tree that you are related to someone famous. A friend in my class found out that one of her ancestors was a high level cabinet member in the early twentieth century.

When you find your family tree, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your lineage. You will be able to share that information with your own children. As well, ancestry websites allow you to print out an image of your family tree which you can frame and give to family members as gifts during the holidays. There is no better present than the gift of knowing where you came from when you find your family tree.

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