Got a Big Job? Consider Using Shipping Containers For Storage

Space is always a valuable commodity and it seems like we often need more of it, whether on a personal scale or a business scale. If you’re conducting a home renovation or need a place to store extra merchandise (say, around the holidays or other big seasons), but don’t have enough to fill a warehouse, looking at cargo storage containers for rent might be a good option for you. For one thing, it can be less expensive than looking at a storage facility — and if you’re storing big items or bulkier items, they might not fit in a traditional storage unit size. And if you’re not sure how long your project will take, cargo storage containers for rent keep you from having to be locked into a contract.

What are Cargo Storage Containers?
A cargo storage container is a container (usually made out of steel) that is used to transport, ship, and store goods. Usually the shipping containers are not unloaded and reloaded, simply moved from one transit hub to the next. There are over 15 million shipping containers circulating the globe at the moment and over five million are active at any one time. The containers span a great distance, making around 200 million trips every year.

However, at some point these cargo storage containers won’t be up to snuff for the heavy use they get, and will be retired into a more gentle second life, as storage containers, office modules, and even housing.

Shipping containers can also be made out of corrugated fiberboard, wood, or a composite, depending on their use. The standard size is eight feet by eight and a half feet, with a length of either 20 or 40 feet. Extra tall shipping containers are generally about 9.5 feet high.

Why Are Shipping Container Storage Rentals a Good Idea?
There’s no getting around it. Cargo storage containers for rent provide mobile storage that’s just plain convenient. Rather than needing to work around a standard mini storage’s rates, availability, hours of operation, and navigating price versus ease of access, storage containers for rent can provide an easy solution that can be stored on site.

They’re durable and are more or less weatherproof (most are built to withstand an active marine environment). So regardless of the kind of weather you get, your belongings should stay safe and dry, with doors that are meant to seal. And it’s a lot of bang for your buck — there’s plenty available, but at a low cost, compared to trying to buy or create something as durable as the average storage container.

Furthermore, it’s easy to get big or bulky items in, since one end of the container can be entirely opened. Instead of struggling with dolleys and flatbeds, and turning awkward corners, simply load it into a shipping container.

They can run anywhere from $75 to $295 a month — and compared to storage rental rates for large items, that’s a steal. And lease terms can be flexible — you can rent them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the company you ultimately go with.

Where Can I Get On Site Storage Units?

Searching online for “shipping containers for rent near me” or “container rental near me” should yield some quick results. They’re especially easy to find in bigger cities across the country, but you can find them in more remote parts as well. Apart from businesses that specialize in reselling shipping containers, you might also find some on popular third party reselling sites.

Be sure to do your research and talk with the seller. If possible, see if you can inspect the container before purchasing. Checking how the door seals, if there’s any light coming in, or rust on the container is invaluable to making sure you’re getting the best shipping container for your money.

If you’re starting a big project and are at a loss for where to store your items, consider cargo storage containers for rent. It’s an easy solution for any bulky or oversized items, and gives you great flexibility for a reasonable price.

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