If You Have a Sump Pump in Your Home, Here are Some Things to Know

This video presents the best ways to ensure your sump pump continues to run smoothly by testing it regularly.

Getting to know more about the sump pump ensures it keeps working properly. Testing the sump pump at least once a month helps prevent unpleasant surprises when heavy rains hit and damage your home.

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Testing the sump pump involves pouring water into it, then waiting for it to start sucking in water.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the sump pump helps extend its life and ensure that it continues running correctly. One way to clean the sump pump is by removing any debris in its area.

Sump pumps are either powered by electricity or not powered by electricity. If your pump is powered by electricity, you’ll need to ensure that the outlet is working properly and that the backup battery is on stand-by. Battery-powered pumps come with 12V batteries and are often used as backup devices in case of power outages since they’re portable and easy to install.

You may also need to integrate an alarm system that alerts you in case of unusual water levels.

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