Location, Location, and Where to Have Your Wedding Reception

Wedding reception locations

Planning the perfect wedding can be both exhilarating and stressful. As always, perfect falls subject to a much stricter definition when it is pulled out of ones dreams and onto the drawing board. Nonetheless, just as quietly as the planning process started it will be half over. And, you might be wondering where your something new, something old, and something blue end the big day. After all, finding that perfect receptions destination is more than the cherry not the sunday, it’s the greatest party on the biggest day.

No matter what, these expectations will lead to stress. But, knowing what to look for, and how can help you manage that stress and move on to the perfect wedding venue.

So, what are some good places to have a wedding and reception?

Stately architecture, classic columns, and expansive views come at a price right? The first and most formidable piece to the puzzle will be to brainstorm affordable wedding receptions. The good news is that those three options and more are fall well whiten the average cost of a New York City wedding, which is $70,030.

As it stands the best way to develop your wedding planning on a budget is by finding that perfect location. Nearly a quarter, or 24 % of all weddings are destination weddings, in which the bridal party, friend and family, will travel to the wedding venue.

One of the first things to look at on your search for that one locations is the view. A great view is experienced both indoors and outdoors. Without a doubt, you will want a location that meets your standards with exquisite, tastefully understated, decor and fine art adorning nearly every wall. Still, the other half of a great venue is being able to look out from it. Therefore, you will also want to find a location with large windows, with beautiful panoramic views.

Perhaps the most integral piece to the puzzle is the party itself. There are many reason to need a ballroom, and of them all the best of those reasons is for a wedding reception. You will undoubtedly want a ballroom large enough to accommodate all of your guests. However, your guests and set up crew, will also want ample outlets, and good lighting. A perfect wedding venue cannot be a perfect wedding venue, if no one can see it.

Finally, once you have found that great wedding reception venue, reach out for help. The professional planners on staff will be able to help you make this location the perfect wedding venue for you, your family, and your friends. Visit here for more information.

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