Looking for a Nanny? Avoid These Three Mistakes

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If you’re thinking about hiring a live in nanny, you’ll want to make sure that you go about choosing a nanny agency carefully. Hiring the wrong live in caregiver could be terrible for your kids, your wallet, and your home. What you want to do is make sure that you avoid some of the biggest nanny hiring mistakes that others have fallen victim to over the years.

Taking the time to learn about three classic hiring mistakes now could save you a lot of trouble later on.

  • Failing to Ask about Values – By their very definition, a live in nanny will be around your family quite a bit. In order to make sure that they do not end up influencing your children in a way that you may feel to be negative, make sure that you don’t forget to ask about their values. It’s not politically incorrect to make sure that you’re children are raised the way that you would prefer.
  • Failing to Complete a Background Check – There are certain families that no doubt wish that they had looked into the background of their nannies before hiring them. Some of them have become national news stories over the past few years. In order to make sure that this kind of nightmare scenario doesn’t take place in your home, you should make sure that you always have a background check performed on a potential nanny.
  • Failing to Ask about References – References can pick up where a background check leaves off. Because an individual that may not be a good fit for your family may not have a criminal record, it’s important to talk to a nannies previous employer. If they got a funny feeling about the individual, or had several complaints, it may be a good idea to keep looking.

A live in nanny could be the best thing that ever happens to your family, or the worst. It all depends on the precautions that you take before inking any contracts. When the welfare of your children is at stake, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t take any unnecessary chances. A great nanny can be a blessing, but in order to make it happen, you’ll need to make sure that you root out all of the poor candidates. More can be found here: www.diamondpersonnel.com

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