The Many Ways a Great Night of Sleep Can Affect Your Life

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You would be amazed at what a great night of sleep can do for you. Combine a great night of sleep within multiple nights in a row, and you will feel like a new person. Sleep is extremely important to your overall health and your everyday production. When you fail to gain quality sleep, you feel worn down and not like yourself. Investing in a high quality mattress, such as a top foam mattress can improve parts of your life that you never even imagined.

More energy

Lack of sleep affects your energy levels. Missing just a couple of hours of sleep can leave you feeling sluggish and tired all day long. You may increase your coffee or energy drink intake to account for the lack of energy, which has its own set of disadvantages. You might skip important parts of your day, such as exercise, work meetings, or social outings with friends, because you just feel too tired. Increase your energy levels with a better night of sleep. Invest in one of the best double sided mattresses, ensuring that you are always able to find a comfortable spot.

Better health

Consistent lack of sleep can actually directly affect your health. It can raise your heart rates and your cholesterol levels. It can also slow down your metabolism, causing weight gain. Poor sleep also indirectly affects your health by causing you to skip exercise and healthy eating. When you are constantly tired, you simply do not feel like going to the gym for a workout or cooking a healthy meal. In return, a lack of exercise and poor eating habits also further reduce your energy levels and directly affect your overall health.

Social relationships

You probably never imagined that your poor sleep habits would affect your social relationships as well. If you have low energy levels, you are more likely to turn down social invitations. Your brains synapses are also reduced, which is something that is important in carrying an intimate conversation. After you continue to turn down your friends and family member?s invitations, they will stop inviting you places. Invest in the best double sided mattress for better sleep quality, and for a stronger social life.


Your sleep quality is actually extremely important to your career. Those professionals who are promoted and highly valued in their current positions are employees who are dedicated to the business. They are also employees who are constantly providing important feedback for the business. Lack of sleep quality affects your ability to produce good ideas and successful business plans. It also increases the chances of you being late to work regularly or calling in frequently.

Half of Americans (48%) say they do not get enough sleep, but less than half of them take any one specific action to help them get better sleep. When your poor sleep habits begin to affect your career and upward mobility, it may be time to take action. Consider purchasing one of the best double sided mattresses or any one of the double sided mattress brands. With 92% of people saying that a comfortable mattress is important to a good night?s sleep, carefully choose your next mattress.

When you are uncomfortable, you toss and turn frequently. You wake up multiple times throughout the night. Even the best double sided mattresses will not improve your sleep quality if you do not find one that increases your specific comfort preferences. It is also important to change your mattress when it is worn out. Mattresses usually have a life span of about 7 years. After 7 years, it is time to shop for a new double sided mattress.

You also need to keep any special needs in mind. Those with sensitive or troublesome backs, for example, may require a specific firmness for added support. The best mattress for a bad back will depend on your needs and your sleeping preferences. Whatever you do, find something that improves your quality of sleep, allowing you to succeed in the other areas of your life.

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