Tips for a Whole Home Makeover

Whether you are building a luxury home, or just contemplating a whole home makeover. Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of your home.

Tips for a Whole Home Makeover

  • An easy way to help your home feel more unified and stylish is to choose a common theme that carries throughout the entire house. Do you prefer a more modern or traditional aesthetic? Nautical or farmhouse? There are thousands of decorative pieces and furniture you can purchase that will convey your desired style and theme. Additionally, this can help give your home a unique feel that is entirely your own.
  • Going hand in hand with themes, using matching materials in your custom home design can give a well put together feel that look cohesive. Wicker, glass, metal, or wood, can help convey the style you are going for, in addition to adding that extra oomph to your chosen theme. Farmhouse or nautical styles might be tied together with wooden materials. For a more modern elements, glass and metal fixtures will lend themselves to a sleek and elegant feeling.
  • Choosing a signature colour scheme, can also help bring everything together. For a more modern home aesthetic, bright clean shades such as white, or pale grey can really make rooms pop. Additionally, accent walls are nice features to consider, especially in modern styles. Using neutral colours punctuated by a brightly coloured accent wall can add a unique flair, that can help give any room extra life.
  • If you still find your home isn’t as interesting as it could be, consider adding some focal pieces. Colourful chandeliers, unique stand out elements, or unexpected conversation pieces can definitely make a striking statement. If you are using more neutral colours in your home, consider adding something that has a vivid splash of colour, this will draw in people’s eyes, and give your room that added distinctive style.

Tips for a Modern Design

When it comes to whole home makeovers, modern is the way many people are going. So this next bit will focus specifically on that particular style option.

  • When either building a modern home, or updating your home to fit that style, simplicity is key. Modern style favors clean lines, and geometric shapes. Neutral coloured walls punctuated by hung pictures with splashes of colour, give a stylish upscale feeling. If you have an open concept home, be sure not to clutter the space. It is essential to have an open minimalistic feeling with ample living space. With this style it is important to stay away from decor and wall colours that are dark or overly saturated. Having dark pieces can close in an area, and make it seem smaller. Bright neutral tones help open spaces, and make them seem even bigger than they actually are.
  • If using curtains or blinds, make sure the curtains are light and bright, allowing ample sunlight to enter your living spaces. Having a bright home also lends itself to allowing the space to seem more open. If you are using blinds, consider sleek contemporary styles, or even semi-transparent styles.
  • Furniture in your home should be sleek and elegant. Couches and chairs with overstuffed blocky cushions should be avoided. Consider instead utilitarian style pieces. Couches without rounded arms, or ornate designs. Furniture should contain clean lines, and sleek colour patterns.

  • Consider hanging abstract art pieces to help break up the walls. Many galleries will have abstract pieces readily available for sale. These can help add a focal point to rooms primarily done in neutral colours. It can also be a great conversation piece, as every abstract picture can be interpreted a different way by each of your guests.
  • When it comes to appliances and electronics, make sure electrical cords and wires are hidden from view. Visible wires and cords are not only tacky, but they can detract from the clean and sleek aesthetic of the room.
  • If you are considering a whole home makeover, keep the above tips in mind. Being able to tie your home together with a common style, can help create a unique and personal atmosphere that is entirely your own. Let us know if you’ve implemented any of these tips in your home!

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