What are The Benefits of 24-Hour Live-In Home Care?

If your loved one needs extra help with basic tasks or medical problems, you should consider home care. All home-healthcare is focused on keeping clients safe and healthy in their own homes. While assisted living might be a good option for some, others don’t want to leave the home they’ve lived in. There are all different in home care options, so take a look at all homecare services in your area. Some might match up with exactly what your loved one needs.

An in-home care company should know all about senior care. They can help you find the exact type of service you need. If your loved one is very independent and just needs a little help, they can have someone drop by. If your loved one needs more care, all-day home health care is an option for many.

Explore all of the possibilities and discuss them with your loved one and their care team. This will help you to set up the best plan for them. Having home health care will help you take care of them without worrying about caretaker burnout.

Live-in care refers to the service of providing assistance for seniors around the clock. While some seniors can care for themselves, there are some cases where seniors might require more help. Instead of choosing to leave your loved one alone knowing they might need assistance, you can hire live-in home care.

Just because it is called “live-in home care,” that does not mean that the healthcare professional actually moves into the senior’s home. It means that the caregiver can stay from anywhere between 8 hours to several days with the senior, depending on what kind of assistance they need and if there have been any special circumstance prior, like surgery or a fall.

This 24-hour service can help ensure that your loved one does not injure themselves, and also helps ensure that they can get help with their activities of daily living (ADL). Activities of daily living include brushing teeth, showering, using the restroom, dressing, and eating.

Benefits of 24-hour live-in home care include the following:

1. Assisting with showering and bathing

Showering and bathing might seem like something that is very easy, but for some seniors, it can be very challenging. These seniors might require more help sitting or standing while showering. By choosing to work with long term home care, you can ensure that your loved one can bathe enough to stay healthy and emotionally content as well, without having to worry about them injuring themselves and potentially dealing with very serious side effects.

2. They can help care for a senior when they are ill

When your loved one falls ill, it can be hard to leave them alone knowing that they need more help. You can take turns caring for them with family members and friends, but the best care if from a formally trained healthcare professional who can make sure your loved one is receiving the care they need. End of life care can also come into play. When your loved one is dealing with an incurable condition, it can help to have the support and guidance from a healthcare professional at all times.

3. End of life care

Another benefit of having 24-hour professional home care is to help create a larger network of support and guidance for someone who is terminally ill. End of life care is very important in helping to keep your loved one comfortable. This healthcare professional can help achieve this.

As you can see, there are many benefits of 24-hour live-in home care. These healthcare professionals are trained to ensure that your loved one is safe and cared for, and can help them have a healthier and happier life.

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