When is the Time to Hire a Residential Paver?

Ever wonder, “What do residential pavers do?” Perhaps you heard about them but you didn’t know more about them yet.

A residential paver is an expert in creating beautiful outdoor spaces with hard landscaping materials such as stone, brick, and pavers. In today’s world, hardscaping has become increasingly popular as homeowners are seeking to create outdoor spaces with designs ranging from modern and contemporary to rustic and traditional.

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As a residential paver, your creative and technical skills will be put to work to enhance the aesthetic of residential properties. This blog will cover everything you need to know about the work of a residential paver.

When hired to work on a residential property, the paver will typically start the project by discussing the concept and design aims with the homeowner or general contractor. Depending on the size of the project, the paver may design the outdoor space themselves, work as part of a team with other professionals, or follow the instructions provided by the homeowner. Once the design is finalized, the residential paver can begin the installation process.

The installation process typically includes removing existing hardscaping material, preparing the surface, laying the base and the pavers, cutting the pavers to fit, and installing the edging. During installation, pavers must ensure that the pavers are level and the spaces between them are even.

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