Finding the Right Home Is a Process That Takes Both Time and Patience

This is an exciting year for your family. As your older daughter is graduating with undergraduate degree in Biology and heading to medical school, your older daughter is now two years into her nursing career and is purchasing her first home. With a career that allows her to work three days and have four days off, your older daughter has opted for an urban townhome community that allows her to enjoy a slower life with lots of green space. She loves to bike and run, and is satisfied with the option of driving into the city for the weekend when she wants.

It is certainly nice to know that as one of your daughters is embarking on a long educational journey to reach her goals, the other daughter is already well established in her career. In fact, one of the reasons that your older daughter is so excited about her purchase in the urban townhome community is that it is in the area of a hospital that has offered to pay for her classes to become a nurse practitioner. The fact that she can have four days off a week means that she will have time to take her classes, study, and still have a social life.

Urban Townhomes and Luxury Homes Offer an Option for Many Buyers
Every home buyer has different goals. Some want large backyards for their growing children, others want a low maintenance property where someone else will take care of mowing in the summer and snow removal in the winter. Fortunately, single family homes are available in a number of different price ranges and in many parts of a city or in the country.

Interestingly enough, new construction continues to have a major impact on the economy of the nation. In fact, nearly one in three of the people looking to buy new homes are actually first time home buyers. One of the reasons that so many people are looking at purchasing new homes is that they want to be able to avoid much of the maintenance that often comes with older homes. For example, 34% of recent buyers who purchased new homes indicated that they were looking to avoid renovations and problems with plumbing or electricity, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Whether you are a health care professional looking to purchase your first home or you are a family of four who are searching for a new home outside of the city, it is important to be ready for a search that could take some real time and patience. And while an urban townhome community might be perfect for one person, a home closer to the country might appeal to others.

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