Just Imagine the Lifestyle You’ll Enjoy in a New Home Community

Chesterbrook homes for sale

Have you been searching for luxury townhomes? Have you been able to locate just the right types of properties in ideal locations and neighborhoods? While many people that want to view luxury townhomes for sale may begin their search online, others choose to work with a real estate agent to learn more about local listings.

Searching for Homes Online

It’s interesting to note that more and more home buyers are beginning their search for properties online. In fact, this method of research has recently attained an all-time high of 92%. During the weekend, 60% of consumers looking for properties are using their mobiles and tablets to locate properties for sale. They are also conducting related research on school districts, shopping, and other points of interest.

A recent survey showed that the first home-purchasing step that 42% of recent buyers have taken was to look at properties online. When it comes to searching for homes online, the survey showed that 82% of the prospective buyers found these sites to be useful sources of information.

Photos, in particular, were a welcome feature for 87% of buyers conducting Internet searches. When there was detailed information available, 84% of buyers appreciated this and found it useful when considering a specific property. Before purchasing a home, the typical Internet user spent about 10 weeks conducting research and viewed 10 homes.

Searching for Homes With a Real Estate Agent

Contacting a real estate agent was the first step taken by 14% of buyers, according to the survey. After purchasing real estate with the assistance of an agent, 78% of buyers concurred that their real estate agent was a source of useful information. The average buyer that purchased a home with the assistance of a real estate agent just spent 5 weeks searching and visited 5 homes.

The Growing Popularity of New Home Communities

Currently, about 32% of people interested in purchasing newly-built homes are first-time home buyers. Most of the buyers that recently purchased these homes wanted to avoid renovating. Furthermore, 34% of the survey participants indicated that they didn’t want to deal with the types of plumbing and electrical issues that are commonly associated with older homes.

Purchasing Previously Owned Homes

When buyers did decide to purchase previously-owned homes, they often did so due to a lower selling price. In some cases, this was as much as 32% less. Whether they wanted to remain close to their former neighborhoods or they had another reason, many recent buyers only moved about 14 miles from their prior home’s location.

Understanding How Mortgages Work

A recent survey showed that about 59% of homeowners would like to understand mortgage terms and details more thoroughly. While this is generally a question that they would ask their lender, many real estate agents are savvy in this regard. Since buying a first or even a second home is a major financial investment, it’s important to ask questions and conduct research accordingly.

Taking the First Step Toward Home Ownership

Whichever step you take first, conducting an Internet search or working with a real estate agent, you want to be sure that you find a property within a community that feels like home for you. If you are interested in learning more about the lifestyle in a new home community, contact a real estate agent to learn more. Given all the amenities of these new home communities, chances are that this is where you will find the perfect luxury townhomes to view.

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